TH Filter Press

TH Filter Press

Fully automated TH filter press

Nika Resources is in a position dewatering processing plant fines by supplying the client with a fully automated hydraulic filter press. The filter press is designed and manufactured in Spain and Nika’s technical partner the PrepQuip Group has sole distribution rights on the African continent which in turn gives Nika Resources the rights to distribute the TH Filter Press. The TH filter press is currently dewatering coal, copper, platinum, fluorite and other rare earth mineral fines throughout African continent.

Fully automated TH filter press
Fully automated TH filter press 2
Reduce water usage on your mineral processing plant and save the enviroment!

There is an increasing number of mines with licenses that are being rejected to construct slurry dams, the alternative is to dewater the slurry fines to acceptable moistures and discard as solids either back into the shaft/pit and also reuse the recycled water in the process reducing the fresh water addition into the process which in turn saves water and the environment.

With increasing regulations and restrictions on the construction of slurry/slimes dams, a proven viable alternative is the TH Filter Press, with 22 installations in South Africa only and more that 400 filter press installations worldwide.

Filter Press Applications:
  • Metal concentrates (copper, zinc, lead, nickel, platinum group metals, iron ore, chrome and other)
  • Metallurgical (refineries, leach residues, precipitates, gypsum and other)
  • Effluents (tailings, scrubber slurry, hydroxide precipitate and other)

The TH filter press has capacity to dewater up to 85 dry tons of solids per hour per filter press.