In-line Guard Screen

In-line Guard Screen

The uniquely designed in line guard screen also known as an automatic flushing in-line strainer safeguards your process against downtime due to nozzle and pipeline blockages and damage caused by oversized material/debris in slurry or liquid streams.

In-line Guard Screen 2
In-line Guard Screen 3
Protect your spray nozzles and downstream, water equipment!

The in-line guard screen has found its highly esteemed position as a firewater equipment protection unit within major companies in the petrochemical industries. Another protective application identified is the underground fire nozzle system. These nozzles can easily block due to oversized debris, and the In-line guard screen automatically removes these solids in the water without the need to shut down the water flow to the fire systems with a very low pressure drop over the In-Line Guard Screen.

This principle can be adopted to any large buildings’ fire water system as the sprays used in the buildings have very small apertures.

Each unit is custom designed for a client according to their specification of pipe line size, flow rates and oversize material rejection limits. The in-line guard screen has a compact and heavy duty design which is built to last.

The in-line guard screen is capable of being integrated into your current control philosophy and is able to automatically flush the process of any oversized material using a pressure drop mechanism or a manual set timer.

Vertical in-line strainers are also available upon request.

In-line Guard Screen