Gas Injection Equipment

Gas Injection Equipment

SpringSparge Sparger (Oxygen Lance)

The SpringSparge Sparger/Lance ensures the equal distribution of evenly sized bubbles and incorporates a non-choking/clogging design which in turn increases recovery and particle oxygen contact time.

Atomix (In-line Mixer) 2
Increase gold and sulphide flotation recovery!

  • Oxygen injection (CIL and CIP gold operations)
  • Column Flotation aeration
  • Agitation in mechanical flotation cells
  • Prevention of solids build-up

The sparger/lance requires no water to operate and can be operate as an air/oxygen only injection or as air – water addition lance. The sparger/lance is fail safe designed against clogging when line gas pressures drop.

Atomix (In-line Mixer) 1

The tips are made from high abrasion resistant tungsten carbide or ceramic which ensures longer equipment life span and reduced maintenance shutdowns.

The unique sealing port arrangement allows for the removal of the sparger pipe without any spillage even during unit operation. The sparger is fitted with a pressure indicator to timeously pick up abnormalities in the operation reducing efficiency based losses.

The SpringSparge sparger increases the recovery on gold leaching plants by increasing the dissolved oxygen (DO) levels during CIL and CIP processes. This is achieved by increasing the contact surface area of the oxygen bubbles.

Atomix (Oxygen Reactor/In-line Mixer)

Increase gold and sulphide flotation recovery!

The uniquely designed Atomix (In-line Mixer/oxygen reactor) has been designed for the gas injection industry to produce fine and ultra-fine gas bubbles in liquid/slurry streams which in turn results in excellent gas dispersion and gas utilization efficiency.

SpringSparge Sparger (Oxygen Lance) 1
Increase DO levels on your gold leaching plant!

The Atomix has been used on several minerals including:
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Copper
  • Lead, Zinc and more

The Atomix can be installed on lines ranging from 100 – 350 mm (NB) and has flow capacities of 30 – 1080 m³/hr. Moreover, the unit can be operated as a high shear (particle polishing properties) and low shear unit depending on the clients’ requirement and liquid flow properties.

SpringSparge Sparger (Oxygen Lance) 2

Due to the high abrasiveness of slurry streams, the Atomix’s wetted parts are fabricated from ceramics which ensures longevity of the equipment with minimal maintenance required.

The unit can be installed as a recycle aeration unit or as a fresh feed aeration unit depending on the clients’ requirements and process specifications. The Atomix has increased recoveries on several plants and clients which use the Atomix include numerous of the largest mining houses.