Flotation Column

Flotation Column

Nika Resources offers its clients a tried and tested alternative to conventional mechanical flotation cells, the flotation column. The flotation column has earned its reputation in the minerals flotation industry and has outperformed mechanical flotation cells on numerous applications especially in the platinum, copper, zinc, lead and phosphate flotation industries.

Flotation Column 2
Increase floatation plant recovery!

Nika Resources is capable of conducting trial test work with a pilot plant on site to determine a measurable indication of the flotation columns performance and in turn produce a basic economic feasibility with the test work results as technical back-up.

Due to the increasing number of junior miners entering the platinum, copper and other floatable mineral industries with insufficient capital to build large processing plants, Nika Resources has designed and constructed modular column flotation units which are available for lease to generate profits from startup of a mineral flotation processing plant.

Advantages of the flotation column
  • Improved metallurgical performance (Recovery, upgrade ratio etc.)
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced capital costs
  • Higher variability on operational conditions
  • Higher froth depths achievable
Flotation Column

More that 130 flotation columns have been installed and commissioned worldwide and on most previous installations the payback period of the column was much less than a year. It is therefore a great investment for your mineral processing plant to increase profits and efficiency. The payback period is calculated based on field test work.