Ceramic Plug / Seat Valve

Ceramic Plug / Seat Valve

Due to the high abrasive characteristics of mineral slurry especially with chrome and other high density minerals, Nika Resources offers its clients the ceramic plug and seat valve which is capable of achieving 10 x the life of a conventional control valve (pinch valve). This also ensures reduced down times due to maintenance shutdowns on control valves during operation and in turn increases plant profitability.

Ceramic Plug / Seat Valve 2
Ceramic Plug / Seat Valve 3
Reduce plant downtime due to slurry valve maintenance!

The current average life span for the ceramic valve before replacement is 7 years of operation on zinc and platinum type applications. This is achieved by constructing the plug and seat from high wear resistant ceramics and rubber lining all other wetted parts on the valve.

The valve sizes ranges from 50 – 500 mm and has a linear flow to stroke relationship which dramatically simplifies the liquid flow control. Most types of actuators can be fitted to the valve and Nika Resources should be consulted regarding the actuator and positioner.

The linear control simplification ensures that processes identical to an entire floatation bank is easily controllable.